About The Author

Jeffrey Winograd is a real New York City guy who was educated in the public school system and earned a B.A. in political science from Brooklyn College.

He served four years on active duty as an Air Force officer in the U.S. and West Germany, and was honorably discharged while holding the rank of captain. Based on his military experience, he knows more than a little bit about security clearances and the responsibilities that come with those clearances.

After his military service, Jeff acquired considerable political experience working for a Democratic member of the Boston City Council, a Democratic state senator in Massachusetts, and a Democratic speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

During his 17-years of journalistic experience in Washington, D.C., Jeff was credentialed by the House of Representatives Periodical Press Gallery. He covered activities of several Senate and House committees, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Jeff is at heart and, by experience, a print reporter. During his long career, he wrote for magazines, newspapers and newsletters, and also worked as a stringer for the AP. His work has appeared in Newsview Magazine, the Jerusalem Post, Traders Magazine, On Wall Street, Financial Planning, Money.com, Securities Law Weekly, National Law Journal, Pesticide & Toxic Chemical News (editor) and various environmental publications of the Bureau of National Affairs.

In addition, Jeff published and edited two newsletters – Focus Israel and Yellow Dog Democrat.

The publisher of an American Lawyer Media newsletter group described Jeff as “an elegant writer.”

Why this blog? “I was born and raised with Democratic blood but enough is enough,” he says. “The current version of the Democratic party stinks like a rotten fish, the Deep State cadres act like they are entitled and empowered to make policy, and the Fourth Estate is derelict in its constitutional obligations. I hope my reporting and commentary will become a valuable source of information for Americans, as well as foreigners, and be a proverbial slap-in-the-face of those who consider themselves woke,” he adds with a smile.