Trump, A Democratic Criminal Enterprise, RICO And The Truth

By: Jeffrey Winograd

The United States is on the brink of political Armageddon – a decisive conflict with virtually anonymous federal and states jurists siding with a corrupt Democratic criminal enterprise in total disregard for finding the truth.

That is essentially what has been happening while President Donald Trump has been seeking recourse in the halls of justice to establish whether the 2020 presidential election process was illegally undermined.

Judges in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania have demonstrated they lack the wisdom and courage to discover the truth.

For example, a judge in Michigan rejected the admissibility of the sworn, under penalty of perjury, affidavit of Jessy Jacob, a Detroit city employee, who made various allegations regarding the coaching of voters and offering of specific illegal voting instructions.

Why the rejection? Because she didn’t name parties and provide dates, as if this problem could not have been easily cured by questioning before the bench.

Now, a federal district court judge in Pennsylvania has tossed out a key lawsuit brought in behalf of Trump and individual voters.

In the words of Judge Matthew Brann, an Obama appointee who sits in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania: “Among the grounds that could justify a denial of leave to amend [the lawsuit] are undue delay, bad faith, dilatory motive, prejudice, and futility.”

How is that for an objective legal opinion!

No Time for Pussyfooting

The time is now for President Donald Trump to play his trump card – his decisive ultimate resource – against the combined forces that have been arrayed against him since he first announced his candidacy for the presidency.

His game-changing weapon is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, popularly known as RICO.

This is a strongly recommended course of action that is separate and apart from Trump’s current legal challenges to the still unofficial election results.

To explain why there is no time to lose, just a bit of background.

Biased News Media

President Trump’s legal team, during a November 19 press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill, laid out in sufficient detail the legal causes of action the president and others believe are legally sufficient to overturn the election results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, with similar possibilities in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada.

Unfortunately, the news media has been content to disparage the performance and physical appearance of Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s top lawyer, and the allegations, albeit without a full explanation, of Sidney Powell, a key member of the team.

Full and accurate reporting has fallen by the wayside, and the general public is not only misinformed but outright deceived by the Fourth Estate which is in bed with the Democratic cabal supposedly under the incorruptible (just forget about the lucrative business dealings of his son, Hunter, in Ukraine and China) leadership of Joe Biden.

One reporter wrote that Giuliani “urged reporters to look into [the] affidavit” of the aforementioned Jessy Jacob, but inaccurately concluded that “the president’s legal team offered no evidence to support their claims, yet berated the media for not covering them.”

Well, here is a bit of legalese that should cause Dylan Stableford a bit of embarrassment had he heeded the advice of Giuliani to read the publicly available affidavits.

According to LegalNature:

“An affidavit is admissible evidence, although some courts may require you to testify to the affidavit or they may consider it hearsay. Since hearsay is not admissible as evidence, your affidavit may not be used for evidence if someone objects to it unless you testify.”    

To sum up, the public is being fed shoddy, faulty and outright biased reporting – a condition which allows judges to act with impunity and anti-Trump animus.

And it is not outside the realm of reality that the Supreme Court of the United States will do everything possible to avoid getting involved.

Giuliani’s List of Allegations

Here is a sampling of allegations made by Giuliani, which he must prove in court, during the press conference;

  • With Biden ahead in Pennsylvania by 69,140 votes, there are some 682,000 mail-in ballots which underwent no inspection.
  • The secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania permitted ballots to be cured (mistakes corrected) in Philadelphia and Pittsburg, but not in other locations.
  • In Pittsburg, there were some 17,000 provisional ballots completed. Of these, 15,000 were from people who came to vote in person and were told they had already voted.
  • In Detroit, the aforementioned Jessy Jacobs, in an affidavit, stated she was told to change the date of receipt on absentee ballots, not to ask for valid identification, not to invalidate any ballots, not to look for any deficiencies and not to look for signatures.
  • In Detroit, at approximately 4:30 a.m., on November 4, trucks came to the rear entrance of the ballot processing facility and allegedly delivered ballots stuffed in garbage cans, paper bags and cardboard boxes. The estimated number of said ballots was between 50,000 to 100,000. 
  • With Biden ahead in Wisconsin by 20,554 votes, there were some 60,000 absentee ballots received in Milwaukee and some 40,000 absentee ballots received in Madison with no applications on file requesting an absentee ballot.
  • In numerous Wisconsin precincts, there were overvotes as high as 150%, 200% and 300%. This means more votes were supposedly cast than the number of actual registered voters.

Giuliani repeatedly asked reporters to read the court filings and the affidavits that were publicly available. He also said he could not publicly release any of the affidavits without permission of the individuals submitting the affidavits. In addition, there is a reasonable likelihood that those who submitted affidavits would encounter threats to themselves and family members, Giuliani said.

A previous article on this site include a must-see list of allegations of wrong-doing in several battleground states.

Applicability of RICO

18 U.S. Code CHAPTER 96—RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS seemingly lays out the way for Trump to fight back with a series of civil lawsuits in a number of United States District Courts.

What constitutes “racketeering activity?” A glance at 18 U.S. Code §1961 offers relevant title 18 possibilities:

§1028 (fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents); §1029 (fraud and related activity in connection with access devices); §1341 (mail fraud); §1343 (wire fraud); §1503 (obstruction of justice); § 1512 (tampering with a witness, victim or informant) and §1513 (retaliating against a witness, victim or informant).

What are “prohibited activities?” A look at 18 U.S. Code §1962 offers these explanations:

 (b) It shall be unlawful for any person through a pattern of racketeering activity … to acquire or maintain, directly or indirectly, any interest in or control of any enterprise which is engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce. (c) It shall be unlawful for any person employed by or associated with any enterprise engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce, to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of such enterprise’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity…. (d) It shall be unlawful for any person to conspire to violate any of the provisions of subsection (b) or (c) of this section.

Are there “civil remedies/” A review of 18 U.S. Code §1964 states:

(c) Any person injured in his business or property by reason of a violation of section 1962 of this chapter may sue therefor in any appropriate United States district court and shall recover threefold the damages he sustains and the cost of the suit, including a reasonable attorney’s fee….

Naming the Conspirators

It is impossible to overstate the damage Democrats have inflicted on the Constitution and the U.S. body politic from 2015 until this point in the 2020 presidential electoral process.

And now, amid reports that the Durham probe into the origins of allegations of Trump collusion with the Russians is in its death throes without any likely indictment of wrong doers, why not start with naming  Hillary Clinton (bankroller of the so-called Steele dossier) and the Democratic National Committee (another bankroller) as the first two defendants.

Then continue by adding to the roster of defendants James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Miles Taylor (Mr. Anonymous), Kathy Boockvar (secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania), and many others, working the list to include election officials in Detroit, Wisconsin, and other jurisdictions, as well as U.S. Postal Service employees and even local precinct workers.

Force these folks to appear in U.S district courts and testify under oath.   

It would seem to a mere journalist that with some skillful and innovative lawyering, this is not “to dream the impossible dream.”

It is called Queens-style payback.


RICO – Trump Vs. The Democratic Criminal Enterprise

By: Jeffrey Winograd

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, (popularly known as RICO), has been around since 1970 and its intent was to give the government a stronger hand in combatting organized crime.

Over the years, the scope of permissible legal actions undertaken pursuant to the statute has expanded and among the beneficiaries of this expansion is the average citizen.

Conduct targeted by RICO plaintiffs in civil actions have ranged from a battle by former minority owners of the Montreal Expos against Major League Baseball to a suit by clients of an accounting firm alleging the firm involved them in a tax avoidance scheme related to conservation easements.

It is now time to use RICO against what smells like a criminal enterprise (for example, a conspiracy) involving the Democratic Party, Democratic elected state officials, Democratic political operatives, and even news media outlets and social media companies.

Not A Joke

Of course, there must be an underlying crime to bring a RICO lawsuit.

How about political corruption, falsification of documents, identity theft, voter suppression, and mail/wire/telephone/Internet fraud for starters. The possible involvement of illegal immigrants might also be involved.

As the Justice Department website states: “If the predicate acts involve a distinct threat of long-term racketeering activity, either implicit or explicit, a RICO pattern is established.”

Three key facts must be established in a RICO suit: a defendant agreed to commit the substantive racketeering offense through agreeing to participate in two racketeering acts; the defendant knew the general status of the conspiracy; and the defendant knew the conspiracy extended beyond his individual role.

They even used the COVID-19 pandemic to justify their actions.

This is described in a New York Post article that is a must read.

In fact, the events described therein likely described the legal predicate for a RICO lawsuit.

List Of Activities Bolstering A RICO Lawsuit

Various lawsuits have already been filed in various states in behalf of the Trump campaign and by individuals who voted for Trump but have reasonable suspicion their votes were canceled or otherwise uncounted.

Here is a list of acts which, with legally sufficient explanation, can probably bolster a RICO lawsuit or even several lawsuits in different jurisdictions (a suit must be filed in a U.S. District Court with a request for expedited action) with carefully selected plaintiffs who have legal standing to sue.

  • No voter identification required.
  • No comparing of signatures on voter registration forms and ballots submitted by mail.
  • Alleged voting by deceased individuals.
  • No checking for proper use of envelopes with mail-in ballots.
  • Mailing of ballots to all registered voters without adequate preparation and funding to ensure a fair and timely counting with observers present.
  • Illegal voting due to place of residence.
  • Ballot harvesting whether permissible or not.
  • Illegally providing information about rejected mail-in ballots to Democratic Party operatives.
  • In Philadelphia, the delivery of 23,277 votes in one tranche with all going for Joe Biden.
  • The removal of the Green Party candidate from the Wisconsin ballot over a technicality regarding address of the candidate (the three Democrats on the six member Wisconsin Election Commission voted for the removal).
  • Incorrect cancelation of ballots.
  • Total votes counted by election software not matching printed tabulation tapes.
  • Denial of Republican access to observe vote counting in Michigan.
  • Lack of access, as required by statute, to video surveillance of remote ballot drop boxes.
  • Voter suppression due to the publication of polls sponsored by news media which overwhelmingly inflate the expected vote for Joe Biden and thereby discouraging potential Trump voters from going to the polls and adversely impacted late fundraising efforts.
  • The almost blanket lack of news coverage of events unfavorable to Biden (for example, the New York Post articles about Hunter Biden and a statement given under oath to the FBI by a former business associate of Hunter Biden who state he met twice with Joe Biden).
  • Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, blocking message sent by the Trump campaign and those supporting Trump.
  • The supposedly nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates unilaterally canceled the second Trump-Biden debate, an obvious benefit for Biden as he was hiding from the press.

Roadmap To Victory

Savvy lawyers on Team Trump can piece together such details and surely allege several predicate crimes.

Remember political corruption, falsification of documents, identity theft, voter suppression, and mail/wire/telephone/Internet fraud,

The message for them and the president is “Go RICO.”

I Accuse Democrats Of Malfeasance

By: Jeffrey Winograd

We have seen in recent days business owners in major cities across the nation boarding up their storefront windows in fear of possible rioting by opponents of President Donald Trump should he be victorious on this Election Day,

If progressives and various unsavory elements don’t gain their preferred outcome in the election, violence in our streets will become the accepted norm.

This is a very sad commentary on the state of American politics.

As a former adherent to the party of FDR, HST JFK and WJC, as well as the publisher of the now defunct “Yellow Dog Democrat” newsletter, I place the blame for such political discord squarely at the feet of the Democratic Party and Democratic politicians.

How could the 21st century United States of America have reached this point?

Simple. It’s due to what elected Democrats and their professional cadres have and have not done.

Along the pathway of life, my views have evolved. Evidently, 16 years as a journalist in D.C. can make one both cynical and well informed.

THEREFORE, with a heavy heart but as a proud American, I ACCUSE the progressive Democratic party and its Capitol Hill minions of the following acts of political and personal destruction.

  • They are uncaring about the average Joe or Josephine, regardless of whether those folks are poor, blue collar or middle-class, and whatever the color of their skin.
  • They tolerate, and some even espouse, anti-Semitism. For example, one of the unsavory members of the so-called Squad spouted anti-Semitic remarks and Democrats in the House of Representatives didn’t have the guts and decency to condemn her remarks. Instead, they passed a meaningless resolution denouncing all sorts of conduct but with no emphasis on anti-Semitism.
  • They prostrate themselves before the powerful teachers’ unions while loudly proclaiming they want the very best for public school students. However, expanding funding and opportunities for school choice and charter schools are a no-no.
  • They rejoice over no-holds-barred abortion rights – for example, in the nineth month – while spitting in the face of those who do approve of the right to an abortion but within reasonable limits.
  • They proselytized the identity politics that has torn our nation asunder.
  • They turned a blind eye towards outright criminality among their tribe by anointing Hillary Rodham Clinton – who illegally used a private email server to send and receive classified information, and sanctioned the destruction of more than 30,000 emails that were under congressional subpoena – as an elector in the State of New York.   
  • They paid homage to a former president who was aware of and allowed FBI and CIA spying on a Republican presidential campaign as well as a president-elect, while he was hiding behind the veil of so-called plausible deniability.  
  • They sanctioned the murder of thousands of elderly patients in New York State and possibly elsewhere by allowing those infected with the Wuhan virus, a.k.a. COVID-19, to enter or re-enter nursing homes. All of this without any outright public criticism of the governor of New York since he is one of their anointed princes.
  • They politicized the Wuhan virus pandemic instead of reaching out to the president and asking what they could do to help, all while they literally begged for his assistance in providing personal protective equipment, ventilators and even massive U.S. Navy hospital ships.
  • They rejoiced in the savage treatment of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who had a distinguished military career but who dared to cross swords with Obama and his henchmen over Iran and other national security matters.
  • They effectively allowed Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, with the complicity and duplicity of the power-hungry House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), to politicize a vital congressional committee for rank partisan political purposes – namely impeachment of Trump.
  • They obstructed President Trump by all possible means, regardless of whether those means were ethical or even legal, from the outset of his administration and even before he officially entered the White House.
  • They condoned the actions of their 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee itself, in paying for and participating in the dissemination of the unsavory and totally debunked Steele dossier which was the incubator of the Russian conspiracy hoax.
  • They circumvented the Constitution by cutting a multi-multi-billion-dollar deal with Iran by not bringing it before the Senate, where it properly belonged as a proposed treaty requiring the consent of 67 senators.
  • They squandered a unique opportunity during both Obama administrations to provide real tangible and lasting help to black citizens residing in our inner cities.
  • They rallied behind the impeachment bandwagon with phony charges of presidential misbehavior during a perfectly acceptable telephone call with a foreign leader and not one Democratic elected official on the national stage stood up to say this is idiocy and an insult to the Constitution.  
  • They joyously anointed over-the-hill Joe Biden as their preferred candidate for president and kept him hidden in a Delaware basement until the final days of the election campaign.

There is much more that I could say but this should be enough to make my point.

And all this took place with the connivance of the Fourth Estate and the creatures of the Swamp.

Harbinger of Election Chaos – Butler County, Pennsylvania

By: Jeffrey Winograd

Butler County, Pennsylvania, is nestled some 28 miles north of Pittsburgh.  

It also marks the coordinates of Donald Trump’s largest haul of votes, percentage wise, in the entire Keystone State, formally known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Come the night of Nov. 3, after the close of voting in the state, it is destined to become the focal point of the battle for the presidency of the United States of America.

Why? Well potential rigging of the election in favor of the woeful Joe Biden could be the likely answer.

You see, in 2016, Trump carried the county with 66.7% (or 61,388 votes) compared to the forlorn Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 29.2% (or 26,834 votes). Trump’s margin of victory was 48.8% (or 2,912,941 votes) versus Clinton’s 47.6% (or 2,844,706 votes).

Judging from the turnout at President Trump’s raucous rally on the evening of October 31, enthusiasm for Trump in Butler County is over the top.

The problem is the news, as captured in a screaming headline in the October 29 online edition of the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, that “Potentially thousands of requested mail ballots lost in Butler County, official says.”

According to the article, “nearly 40,000 registered voters in the county requested mail ballots [and] so far, only 24% of them have been returned to the county, by far the lowest rate among the state’s 67 counties.” The county with the next-lowest rate of return has received 50% of requested ballots, it added.

Democrats are eager to place the blame of the post office. ““I actually just traded voicemails with somebody in the United States Postal Service up at the higher levels to make sure that they’re … paying attention to this and finding out what’s going on,” Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, said during an election preparedness news conference in Harrisburg.

The post office has been quick to respond. “Regarding mail sorting and delivery in Butler County, the Postal Service is unaware of any significant delays or issues and is in regular contact with the Board of Election as we work to locate and deliver ballots as they are presented to us,” said David Partenheimer, a Postal Service spokesman.

While election officials have been trying to mitigate the effects of the problem, should the final state-wide vote tally be close, a controversy – the likes of which has not been seen since Florida’s “hanging chad” controversy at the tail end of the 2000 election – will ensue.  

Election results should not have to be decided by the Supreme Court of the United States and yet it may come to that.

Is it possible that this is the ultimate rigging of the presidential election process by the Deep State, the so-called Intelligence Community, never-Trumpers and the once-honorable Democratic Party?